September 6, 2011

To whom this may concern:

I am honored to write this letter recommending H. Clifton Sheats, PhD, CCN, DANLA to be a presenter at your conference. It is rare to find such an exceptional professional whose career aspirations have led him to be an author, entrepreneur, transformational trainer, professional speaker and success coach.

Dr. Sheats’ communication skills are superb. His ability to assimilate and integrate massive amounts of information and then craft it into a compelling presentation is phenomenal. I know that he will be a valuable speaker asset for any business, institution or organization conference he presents with. He is an outstanding resource for any event, business or organization to take advantage of.

Dr. Sheats has pursued his interest in the fields of sports nutrition and clinical nutrition with a fervor and determination I rarely encounter. His passion to help others and make a difference has been demonstrated over and over by his constant speaking to and leading workshops for non-profit organizations. I am totally confident in recommending him as a speaker or trainer for your organization.


Kevin P. Henry

IAACN Executive Director


Dr. Cliff Sheats Keynote Promo



(Keynote or 1/2 Day Presentation)

Dr. Sheats will motivate your audience with his passion for vibrant health.  In short, he demonstrates how professionals can combat the physiologic and psychological stresses of managing a business so they can live longer and function at a biological age 15 years younger than their chronological age!

  1. Change Your Chemistry, Change Your Body, Change Your Life!

  1. How to EAT to Boost Metabolism and Demolish Inflammation

  1. Most Americans Manage Their Health with Drugs Alone… Discover a Revolutionary Solution via Biotransformation.

  1. Are you following the misconception that you’re ‘too old’ for a healthy metabolism,toned muscle and a lean physique?  Biotransformation disagrees.

  1. Sneak a Peak at a futuristic protocol for real wellness

  1. ENTIRE Audience Participation: Dr. Cliff demonstrates muscle isolation techniques for real results FAST.

  1. ‘Toss out’ the lightweight weapons and attack your health enemies with the full force of hi-tech science.

  1. Astonishing truths about Mental Decline, Lack of Energy and Heart Disease… what

  2. Science Says and what it Doesn’t Say.

  1. Are you ONLY Matching A Drug to a Diagnosis?

  1. How a visit to your health food store can be pure guesswork

  1. What are YOU doing that is alarmingly similar to bloodletting in the 1800”s?


Endorsement from Kevin P. Henry, IAACN Executive Director